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The world today offers us an unfettered stream of access to all forms of content. That content can be hard to decipher and hard to sort through. So here at Nick's Nerd News is here to provide you with unfiltered news and opinion on things that matter to you. That means bringing you information on what's going on in the world of video games, movies, TV and other things in nerd culture. 

Nick's Nerd News is a weekly podcast dedicated to making sure that you get things the way that you are meant to hear it. No beating around the bush, no walking on eggshells. Nick's Nerd News will always give an honest and fresh take on things that you will not get anywhere else.




Hey all I am your host Nick. I'm a twenty something millennial. I have been gaming since I got my first Gameboy for my 5th or 6th birthday. I currently own both a PS4 and an XBOX One X, and looking to get a Switch in the near future. I currently have a Gamerscore above 70k on Xbox, and quite a bit of Trophies on PSN. Add me on both XBL and PSN at THEnickdefalco if you ever want to game.

I will try most game genres at least once , but I mostly stick to RPG's, FPS's, Action-Adventures and RTS games. Some of my favorite games series are Halo, Mass Effect, Assassins Creed, Tropico and the Forza Racing games. 

When it comes to the great debate, I will take Star Wars any day of the week, but that doesn't mean I dislike Star Trek, cause I do love me some Jean Luc Picard.  That being said I probably have more Star Wars memorabilia then anything else.  I also prefer DC to Marvel, but I cant every say no to an MCU movie. But Batman will always be the best, no matter what.  I consume a lot of media , and that allows me to talk a lot on my podcast. If you want to no more don't be afraid to reach out and ask. 


For a long time I was all talk and no bite. So after years of saying I was going to do something, I finally did what I kept talking about. 

So that's how we got here, and how we got Nick's Nerd News. While podcasts and websites dedicated to nerd culture are a dime a dozen. I felt that there weren't enough sites dedicated to giving honest straightforward news and opinions with no filter. I was inspired but some of the biggest names in podcasting, as well as the biggest names in pop culture media. So I set out with a goal to conquer the world, well at least the podcasting world. So tune in on iTunes, Google Play or Spotify.

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